Return to Rugeley

10 years after 'Amazon Unpacked' was published in the Financial Times Weekend magazine, I returned to Rugeley alongside correspondent Sarah O'Connor to see what had changed.

Let The Games Begin

Documenting the athletes of the World Nomad Games for Patek Philippe magazine.

Grape Minds – Organic and Biodynamic Wine in Mendoza

An assignment for Norwegian 'N' Magazine, meeting the pioneers behind a wine renaissance in Argentina's Mendoza province.

Running with the Herd

Tracking the annual round-up of Iceland's wild horses for Norwegian 'N' Magazine.

Atlético Madrid – Going Global

Three days behind the scenes at Madrid's historic football club, for the FT Weekend Magazine.

The Long and Winding Road

A road trip through Morocco's Anti-Atlas mountains for Norwegian 'N' Magazine.

Amazon Unpacked

How has the arrival of online shopping giant Amazon affected a small town in the Midlands? An assignment for the FT Weekend Magazine.