Selected Assignments 2015-2017

Including work for Mazda, Patek Philippe and the Financial Times

The Long and Winding Road

A road trip through Morocco's Anti-Atlas mountains for Norwegian 'N' Magazine.

Beyond the Borders

Exploring Costa Rica and Nicaragua for British Airways 'High Life' Magazine

Atlético Madrid – Going Global

Three days behind the scenes at Madrid's historic football club, for the FT Weekend Magazine.

Meeting the Porteños

Discovering Buenos Aires through the lives of its citizens, for Iberia 'Ronda' Magazine.

From The Valleys – Welsh Patagonia

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Welsh community in Patagonia, for British Airways 'High Life' Magazine.

All Bands On Deck

All aboard the Holy Ship! A 4-day rave on a cruise ship, photographed for British Airways 'High Life' Magazine.

Amazon Unpacked

How has the arrival of online shopping giant Amazon affected a small town in the Midlands? An assignment for the FT Weekend Magazine.